“Woodlief has now written a book of non-fiction that shows the same graceful prose and emotional heft as his fiction—and surprisingly, the work is also unapologetically funny. . . Woodlief writes with enthusiasm, earnestness, and a sense of personal confession . . . And though the book—like the family’s life—is helplessly, messily comic, thanks to Woodlief’s skill and sensitivity, the backdrop of loss is always felt.”

* Image Journal

“This is not an easy book, because it shows a real man and real failures — but Tony Woodlief delights in his children, and God uses them as a means of grace to teach Tony about his need for Christ. The apostle Paul wrote in 1 Timothy that women shall be saved by childbearing. Men who fear fatherhood should realize that they need children even more.”

* Dr. Marvin Olasky, provost, The King’s College, and editor-in-chief, World

Somewhere More Holy is one one of the rich, rare and rawly authentic books that will have you sharing both the laughter and the tears of the writer.  And those emotions will bring about in you an experience at once very human, yet soul satisfying.  Tony Woodlief writes with passion, humor, and humility about making our homes more holy, but precisely in the midst of what can only be described as their beautiful brokenness!  I couldn’t put it down.”

* Betsy Hart, Family Columnist, Chicago Sun-Times (and syndicated); author, It Takes a Parent:  How the Culture of Pushover Parenting is Hurting our Kids – and What to do About It. (Putnam books 2005)

Somewhere More Holy is sweet company for anyone enduring broken things and broken selves. We can’t contemplate the world on our own, and so it is a beautiful thing to find another observer with such a gift to communicate what he sees. Tony Woodlief is a very gifted writer, but his openness is his greatest gift to us.”

* Sara Groves, singer/songwriter


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Where is your somewhere?
For me, as you’ll read in my book, it is home. For others it is a trusted church, or a quiet spot of ground, or a bend in the river where they fish. When we strip away the distractions we have built up around ourselves, when we open ourselves up to God, when we call out to him or simply listen, we often find ourselves somewhere more holy. Tell me about your somewhere.
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